Monday, January 18, 2010

The Quest

Talking about things in life , we never realize the worth of what's really around us until we lose it and if in case you get back what you once lost or gave up , you don't want to let it go again , no matter what , thats the way human mind is based or created . Human emotions are complex and simple at the same time .
Its all in the perspective or the way you would want to take it , Isn't it so ?

Everything around us can be placed in a very simple way that can be understood very easily by a layman and the same time it can be complicated when you go into details.

Trust , Faith, Sentiments , Emotions , Care , Love , Honesty , Deceit, Pain, Sadness, Understanding - For this moment I feel all of these are just an additional Burden on this mortal existence on which all of these are based on . The more you get into anything, the more you get to feel them , the more you care , the more you get hurt . the more you be honest , the more you are deceived , Emotional Sentiments , Care ,Love are all just a feeling that negates its own meaning at a point in time.

This brings us to the point where we ask ourselves , what do I want or who am I ?

We define ourselves with our character, our emotions,our unique thinking,our behavior. What If all of these lead to a deduction thats entirely false .

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Its so true.......