Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Do you really see me?

I look at you and I find myself. I see my past and everything is erased. I see me for what you see me. The times we have spent hours talking, laughing, connecting...Those are memories that I have kept locked away, far in depths of my heart, solely for you. What may have been, what is, what will be, are all dictated by the smile on your face when we look into each others eyes. There is something about a connection that two people share, the spark that will light the fire. When you know the person just gets you, and your eyes speak to each other, regardless if your mouth moves or not. This is what I find with you. But I wonder what has happened, what will happen? As we know, life is unpredictable and sometimes, well all the time, you do not get what you want. We, as individuals, are proof that we will not get what we want. We will live a life of what ifs and wishes that never came true. What if it hadn't happened like this, what if it was still possible, wishing we could erase the hands of time.

Wishing that time would just go back to that very moment when we were in each other's arms and everything around us was beauty in its best form , love makes us do so much that we hardly could or would ever do . You were my very essence of existence and now i don't have you and all this fantasy world that i had built around us is just crashing down.

Our memories of good times still lingers on. I can see that look in your eyes when you wanted to convey that you loved me. I remember just how you would say I love you, how you would shyly glance in my direction in a room full of people just to say, " I am so glad I am yours." All of those now are just memories. Memories of what we had, memories of better days, memories of US. Now, as we move forward in life, we will create our own memories but there will no longer be an US. It will always be you and me walking in the same direction but alone.

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niboli said...

Very deep and inspiring... love it!!