Monday, June 7, 2010


I am trying to relate , the word relate struck me about a lot of things but then reality hit me harder , the realization that I don't relate to anything in my surroundings had me thinking , where all of this is going to lead me ,There are moments when I feel that I can relate to everyone and I feel I am a part of this whole new life that i am Living. I feel that I've found a whole new part of myself, a different person altogether, but then again there are times when I don't fit into this or any crowd. I feel that I am not meant to be here or anywhere around here,things are either way too good or extremely bad for me.
I feel like a stranger living in world beyond my level of understanding. A world that is not made for a person like me.
I can't relate to the way people around me think or live the way they do.The Story goes on ,lead by someone who wrote all this down in my fate or destiny not sure which one of it this is....

Thinking about it reveals the truth , the truth that my life is a mystery in itself , I feel , I think but in reality I don't think or feel any of this. Sometimes i wonder , what would i be doing at this very moment if I was not here , if things wouldn't have turned out the way it did.
If only everything worked out the way we expect it to , then life wouldn't be the same or Life wouldn't be life at all .......

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