Friday, July 30, 2010


Life doesn't always give you everything that you need , There is always an other side to it that you can never figure out completely .The ones that you really love ,don't reciprocate your feelings and the ones that you really need are not available .I have put a lot on the table. I am willing to take it further, but now it is time for them (w.r.t every relationship - Family ,Friends and Love ) to reciprocate, but then its too late for it .I am already at the end of the road.The Journey is not meant to last the way I want it , there are ups and down's, What I make out of it is in my hands .I am afraid and don't mind accepting it .

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blue_eyes89 said...

so often we get hurt, to show us what we need, and where we need to go. Some people need to burn their finger s, and realize it hurts, before they learn to not do it again.
There is no journey that doesn't last. there is no road God puts us on that ends. they just have a fork in them. You chose the way to go. but that doesn't mean the journey ends.
its okay to be afraid. fear teaches us humility, it teaches us to learn to love, it shows us how to react, when to run, and where to go.